Ilocos Norte-Apayao road renamed ESCODA NATIONAL HIGHWAY

DINGRAS, Ilocos Norte, Sept. 20–The Ilocos Norte-Apayao road which covers the long stretch from the towns of San Nicolas, Sarrat, Dingras, and Solsona was renamed Escoda National Highway in honor of Josefa Llanes Escoda, World War II heroine and founder of the Girls Scout Movement of the Philippines, officials said.

Dingras Mayor Erdio Valenzuela said the renaming of the national highway was enacted by Congress through Republic Act No. 9463 of 2007.

It’s only now that the historical marker was installed on the occasion of Escoda’s 102nd birth anniversary celebration here in Dingras, her birthplace, Mayor Valenzuela explained.

The Escoda monument and museum are also found here as historical landmarks of Dingras.

The country has long honored Escoda as a national heroine as her name and photo appear in our P1,000 Philippine currency paper bill, together with equally famous great men Jose Abad Santos and Vicente Lim. (tri-media report)