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Don’t Say It with Flowers

November 17, 2013 Ilocos Sentinel 0

This is an edited English version of my contest piece for the 22nd Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival’s Korean speech contest’s final competition last October 12, 2013. Though I didn’t win any […]

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United Colors*

June 13, 2013 Ilocos Sentinel 0

Cheongju, South Korea – In my travels, the happiest moments were meeting locals, sharing their lives, and learning their culture. But what makes travelling much more interesting is meeting other […]

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Chasing the Dream

June 2, 2013 Ilocos Sentinel 0

Cheongju, South Korea –Just like my other trips to South Korea, this time I am staying for over a month. Though I brought my work with me, without my usual […]

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Beyond Limitations

May 26, 2013 Ilocos Sentinel 0

Cheongju, South Korea–Bodybuilding is one of the most demanding ‘sports’* I know. Imagine the rigorous training a bodybuilder must go through to develop all those muscles and to maintain them. […]

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Manila Airports Not as Fun

May 24, 2013 Ilocos Sentinel 0

INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA –Arriving at Incheon International Airport (IIA), one of the world’s best*, a Filipino couldn’t help compare our very own celebrated Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and its […]

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Conned by NU*

April 8, 2013 Ilocos Sentinel 0

I just came from meeting someone I vaguely know. I feel so used – this must be how ladies and men of the streets feel after doing something they don’t […]

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April 6, 2013 Ilocos Sentinel 0

Beyond K-Pop This is last part of the essay I submitted to South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade essay writing contest on Korea’s National Image. In this part […]