Teener’s drowning: Ompong casualty?

VINTAR, Ilocos Norte, Sept. 18–Janssen Taylan, 18, Grade 9 student, and resident of Brgy. Lagandit, Piddig, Ilocos Norte allegedly drowned off Bulbulala River, this town, police said.

Investigators told the media that the victim and four companions allegedly went swimming in the Bulala river as typhoon Ompong battered Ilocos Norte on Saturday, Sept. 15.

They said the victim was allegedly last seen diving into the water but when he failed to resurface, his friends worried and quickly called for help.

Rescuers searched his body in the area but returned home empty-handed.

On Tuesday morning, a backhoe operator working in a river bank at nearby Sarrat town said he spotted a mannequin-like object floating in the water.

When he checked the object, it turned out later as a human cadaver. Relatives positively identified the recovered body as their nephew, the missing victim. (tri-media report)