Wayward Ompong; ala-Trilla in Manila

Super typhoon Ompong played pingpong, direction wise.

It targetted earlier landfall in Isabela province’s coastal towns of Maconacon and Divilican but instead, it swerved to Baggao, Cagayan. 

Its exit point, a forecast said, might be somewhere else in Region 2 but instead, its fury blew like hell in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. 


In Paoay, Ilocos Norte (site of the famous UNESCO World Heritage centuries-old St. Augustine church),  it had no town mayor to speak of to run the Paoay municipal government for the past several weeks.

The alleged vacuum of leadership has been resolved already, grapevine sources say. 

The truth is, the town is endeared to me because Paoay was founded centuries ago by my ancestor Don Martin Guiang. 

He established the municipality through Royal Decree issued by the King of Spain in the 17th century. 

His title was Captain Bosar and ruled the town as the first chief executive in 1701-1704.


A recent report said a motorcycle-riding maniac allegedly mashed the breast of a charming female motorcyclist while both were driving in the same direction along the border highways of Laoag City and Bacarra town.

Beware motoring gals! To counter this act of chancing, try to spike your front shirt or blouse with pins and needles. 

Surely, the maniac’s bitter reward will be an unwanted acupuncture.            Any neighbor report of injured and swollen dirty fingers for a week or two is a strong lead that the culprit is just around the corner


Trending, ala-Trilla in Manila. DU30 vs. Trillanes.  

Can Kid Anton last long in this fight to elude landing in jail?

It may be noted that earlier fighters Senator De Lima and Supreme Court chief justice Serreno were both “kayoed”, so to speak, as one is now jailed and the other one was ousted for good, respectively. #