NPA rebel “Ka Tonton” surrenders to INPPO

CAMP JUAN, Laoag City, April 25, 2021– A New People’s Army rebel voluntarily surrendered with his high-powered firearm to the police authorities in this northern province.

“Ka Tonton”, 52, and native of Piddig, Ilocos Norte gave himself up to the police officials of INPPO based in this camp.

The surrenderee turned over an M-14 Armalite rifle issued to him by the NPA guerillas.

He said he joined the NPA movement in 1982. As a member of the guerillas YG unit, he and his comrades operated in the Ilocos Norte.

In 1986, Ka Tonton said he quit the insurgent movement, buried his firearm in a concealed place, and hid in Metro Manila where he worked for years.

In his strong desire to reunite with his family, he decided to return to his hometown in Piddig.

To finally rejoin the mainstream of society and live a normal life, Ka Tonton stated he dug his buried M-14 rifle and surrendered to the INPPO headed by PD Col. Christopher Abrahano.

PD Abrahano warmly welcomed Ka Tonton for returning to the fold of the law as he pledged on behalf of INPPO to extend on him financial aid and other government benefits accorded to any NPA surrenderees. (tri-media report)