Camp Crame cop kicks Piddig cop

PIDDIG, Ilocos Norte, May 5, 2021– A police captain assigned at Camp Crame headquarters in Quezon City, allegedly kicked one of the Piddig cops who arrested him during a quarrel in a wake at Brgy. Loing, this town.

But the Camp Crame cop was too quick to bail out for his temporary liberty.
The prosecutor’s office ruled that the erring cop faces charges of serious resistance and disobedience.

However, Piddig police officials here recommended an administrative complaint be filed against the erring Crame cop.

Reports said the on-vacation suspect was attending the wake of a relative here when a quarrel erupted over a land dispute.

The suspect was allegedly drunk and turned unruly prompting the responding policemen to arrest him.

While inside the police patrol car, the suspect apparently struggled, self-injured his forehead, and kicked one of the arresting cops, the PNP report said. (tri-media report)