Boy vomits after eating lollipop in condom plastic wrapper

BADOC, Ilocos Norte, Sept. 5, 2019–Soledad Guelas of Brgy. 2, Garreta, this town reported that her three-year-old son vomited after consuming a lollipop candy packed in condom plastic wrapper.

Mrs. Guelas showed to the media two plastic wrappers with the brand name Durex condom, now empty after her boy ate the lollipop contents.
She said her boy bought the candy from a local store here and consumed it. Later, after hours, he vomited, she told the reporters.

Investigation showed that the store got the said candy goods from a Laoag City retailer being supplied by a Manila-based wholesaler.

The municipal health authorities here said they were keenly monitoring the health condition of the boy at press time. (joey cordero quiaoit & tri-media report)