As per PHO report, “Ilocos Norte is coronavirus-free”

Gov. MMM belies earlier video report tagging it as false, baseless and irresponsible

LAOAG CITY, Jan. 30, 2020 – Contrary to the recent video posted online alleging one case of novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Ilocos Norte, the Provincial Health Office (PHO) quickly clarified that Ilocos Norte is free from this contagious dreaded disease.

PHO chief Dr. Josephine Ruedas said there is no confirmed case of the coronavirus in the province, refuting the claim of the health practitioner who posted online a nearly two-minute video of unverified information.

(At press time, Sentinel learned that the concerned health practitioner, a nurse from Ilocos Norte, had apologized to the netizens and general public for his big blunder saying he posted the video exclusively for a “confidential” chat with his group of nurses but it turned out that the latter shared it to their friends and to the public. As a result, it caused an uproar.-Ed)

“We are very unhappy regarding the baseless and unscrupulous video posted. It is not only untrue but also irresponsible. I think one of the most important things (to do) in a situation like this is not to panic and not to cause panic — and that’s what the video has done,” Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc said during a press briefing.

With this, the young governor urged the public to share only verified information from the real sources so as not to create panic.

Meanwhile, the PHO reminded the public to practice proper handwashing and observe “cough manners” when in public places.

Moreover, flight passengers at the arrival and departure area are now required to undergo thermal scanning at the Laoag International Airport, aviation authorities said.

“I plead to the public to be responsible in (online) sharing information. Let’s be responsible on our own (social media) accounts. Think (twice wisely) before we click (online),” Governor Manotoc stressed. (Ma. Joreina Therese A. Blanco/PIA Ilocos Norte)