Misguided elements in ECQ

Stubborn. Pasaway in Tagalog. Paan-anawa in Iluko.

These misguided elements in our society are the major headache vis-a-vis the implementors of ECQ (enhanced community quarantine) due to the deadly coronavirus 19 disease.

Their specie abounds in every nook and corner of the country as we collectively battle through thick and thin the spread of the contagion.

These people surely are mentally sound but they probably find enjoyment in violating the ECQ protocols to please their whims and caprices, so to speak.

Here in Ilocos Norte, for instance, police troopers arrested recently a group of youngsters for staging an illegal motor cross race in gross violation of the stay-home rule and existing laws.

In the outskirt of Laoag City, card game players–two married women and a teenager– were caught in the act of illegal gambling.

The betting money seized from the suspects was allegedly part of the government amelioration fund distributed to the poorest of the poor affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier, city cops collared another trio gamblers for playing tong-it cards despite knowing the adverse consequences under the strict ECQ rule.

The cynics assailing all the above suspects’ defense of “killing boredom amid COVID-19” may not be a stupid reason but let the police give them a day in court to defend themselves as part of the due process under our judicial system. (jrg)