“There was no rape”–carpenter

PIDDIG, Ilocos Norte, Dec. 2– Romeo Bagaoisan of Brgy. Estancia of this town has denied the rape and act of lasciviousness complaint field against him by a minor saying it was fabricated by somebody who wanted him and his live-in partner (the girl’s mom) be separated.

That was the defense of Bagaoisan, 51, when interviewed by reporters. True or not, he must face the charges in court and prove his innocence.

The alleged incident happened last year but yesterday he was arrested for the rape charges and now detained at the Ilocos Norte provincial jail, said police chief Jake Isidro.

The court earlier recommended a P200,000 bail for the accused for the act of lasciviousness charges but no bail for the rape complaint, the report said.(tsg w/ ga/ar report)