“Not vampire but dogs did the animal killings”

LAOAG CITY, Jan. 21–Dr. Loida Valenzuela, the provincial veterinarian of Ilocos Norte, tagged a pack of dogs as the suspected culprits behind the mass deaths of 20 pregnant lambs and 4 goats in farmland at Brgy. 62-B, this city.
Contrary to superstitious belief, “it was not a vampire but surely dogs did the mass killing of these animals,” Dr. Valenzuela said in a media interview.
Carmelito Labayog, the animal owner, said his sheep and goats looked healthy when he fed them in the late afternoon but only to find out the following early morning that his animals were all dead lying on the ground.
He said it saddened him noting that he painstakingly raised these animals in an effort to earn additional income for his family.
Some villagers said they were surprised to see why the bodies of the animals bore bite wounds mostly in the neck and there were no traces of animal blood at the scene, hence, they suspected a “vampire” sipped all the blood.
However, Dr. Valenzuela told reporters they have proven that similar incidents in the past were the handiwork of dogs, a pack of four or five dogs with their leader when they struck their prey.
At the same farming village in Laoag, at least three similar incidents occurred last December, and a pack of dogs was blamed for the animals’ death, she added. (tri-media report)