Hubby burns bed used by wife and her lover

BATAC CITY, Jan. 7– Police surmised jealousy drove a husband to burn a bed apparently used by his wife and her lover in their alleged illicit affair at a house on the outskirt of this city.

Timothy Boy (not his real name) was detained behind the bar at the police station here after he was arrested for the simple case of arson and damage to property.

Their bedroom was engulfed with flame but responding firefighters managed to control it from spreading.

However, the “bed of sin” and other valuables inside the room went up in smoke.

At his detention cell, the suspect told reporters that he met his wife at the door fixing her ruffled dress and later saw inside her alleged lover.

Due to apparent anger and jealousy, he vented his ire onto the bed and set it on fire.

The woman, however, contradicted his allegation saying his story was false and imaginary and that he’s a jealous-type husband.

The suspect and wife were not living together for the past two months due to a marital problem, investigators said. (tri-media/G.A.)