Effort to Curb Jueteng is Futile, says Bishop

LAOAG CITY (September 13) – LAOAG Bishop Sergio Utleg has admitted that the local officials and law enforcing agencies failed in their campaign to curb the illegal numbers game called jueteng.

“Dakkel a basol ti panagawat ken panagtaya iti jueteng,” Bishop Utleg said adding that “it is against morality.”

He said that despite concerted efforts of the Church and the local officials in Laoag, this unlawful gambling game still thrived and patronized by local residents especially the poor.

Utleg surmised that top government officials, both national and local, might be jueteng protectors. He expressed fear that with the coming barangay elections, jueteng money would probably finance many candidates.

Asked if he believes that local top officials are serving as jueteng protectors, Utleg said that he is not sure, uttering only the word, “maybe.”

He lamented that it’s very unfortunate that gambling and corruption are now part of the Filipino culture. (EDG)