Why our LGBTQIA+ brothers and sisters matter so much in society

Our LGBTQIA+ brothers and sisters have gone a very long way ever since the gay rights movement first saw the light in 1969, when the Stonewall riots in New York took place. From being draconian in terms of homosexuality and bisexuality (although both were widely practiced in ancient Greece and ancient Rome) by way of oppressive edicts, laws against these have now been generally relaxed except in conservative societies. Not only have same-sex marriages have been legalized in many countries but also granting of the same rights to LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples.
Despite the seeming openness of modern civilization to LGBTQIA+ people, there are still some societies which do not welcome our LGBTQIA+ brothers and sisters with open arms. To add insult to injury, there are still instances in which LGBTQIA+ individuals are subjected to public humiliation, social discrimination, workplace harassment, online bashing, and, worst of all, hate crimes. In the Philippines and in other societies for sure, there are so many so-called straight people and conservative sectors of society known for pillorying LGBTQIA+ people not only through their insensitive speech but also their prejudicial actuations and bigotry-filled ideologies.

Do you want me to cite the sectors of society known for being covertly and overtly scornful towards LGBTQIA+ individuals? All right, I’ve got to lay all my cards.

The first sector known for being discriminatory against members of the LGBTQIA+ community is religion, which tends to preach love yet practices the contrary. Another notorious sector is the education sector, especially in the days of yore, for it has been discriminating of members of the rainbow community, especially students and teachers. One other sector known for being insouciant towards LGBTIA+ people is the mass media industry, including film and television, which tends to poke fun at the rainbow community through stereotyping and putting them into a box. There are so many other sectors, such as technology, business, government, and many others, that are notorious for being quite belligerent towards LGBTQIA+ people.

Why do our LGBTQIA+ brothers and sisters matter so much in society? Here are the top five (5) reasons:
1)They have been contributing so much to society. As far as blood, sweat, and tears are concerned, there are so many LGBTQIA+ members who are successful in fields such as education, business, health sciences, arts, sports, media, and many others.
2)They are trailblazers. With their desire to think, look, and move forward, LGBTQIA+ members have been known to overcome the odds and to emerge victorious.
3)They are unafraid to be who they are. Though there are still many who are afraid of showing their true selves for fear of reprisal from their family or community, there are many LGBTQIA+ people who are immensely successful in terms of gaining respect from the general public and in standing up for their rights.
4)They are good citizens of their respective countries. Enough said.
5)They love their families and communities so much. LGBTQIA+ people make the best partners, friends, team mates, colleagues, leaders, mentors, and…lovers! I rest my case on this because I have many LGBTQIA+ friends, relatives, colleagues, mentors, and students.
As an LGBTQIA+ ally, I would like to greet everyone a happy belated pride month! I love you all to the moon and back!


GUESS WHAT: Being unfair in terms of compensating employees and being professionally exploitative are the marks of this well-known health-related enterprise. According to my source, who was an employee of good standing at the company in question, he was employed for more than five years and was even promoted to team leader. However, what got my source’s goat was that he has never experienced a salary increase and that new hires were to be compensated higher than old-timers. As a result, my source resigned last month and has just been hired by a governmental agency that undoubtedly pays more.

What are the lessons of the story? Pay your employees fairly. Learn how to reward your staffs justly. Never be exploitative by abusing your employees’ kindness. Be known for being just and not just because you have name recall (and please, change your ambulance units because they seem to be older than Methuselah or Noah, hijo de cabra!).

GUESS WHO: Who is this official of a polarizing and controversial government entity who is known for being naturally smug and avowedly anti-government? According to my source, who was a cast member of a politically-themed independent film, when our subject went onstage after the film ended, s/he was interviewed by the film director. My source was seething with rage deep inside because the official in question kept on criticizing former President Rodrigo Duterte and his war on drugs. Que presumido! Apart from that, our subject seemed to be lacking in fashion sense because his/her footwear was akin to what one wears when crossing the Chico River or when climbing Mount Data or Mount Pulag, que horror! Due to our subject’s unproductively vituperative and vengeful so-called activism, karma crept in when s/he passed away due to a dreaded disease almost two years ago.

What are the lessons of the story? Never put your government to shame especially when facing an audience. Speak tactfully and positively about your country. Be fashionable especially when representing your office. Remember that for every word you say, you will carry the weight of your words until your last breath on your deathbed.

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