Media elitism: the social and moral malady that continues to gnaw at all of us nationwide and worldwide

Biases manifested by mainstream media practitioners have been prevalent since the institutionalization of information dissemination many eons ago. Though media outfits are sworn to protect public interests through their reportage, many of them are like sowing wild oats by focusing on their desires for popularity, profit, and prestige at the expense of truth and impartiality. They tend to demonize individuals and entities whom they despise with so much passion, such as our current set of leaders, by using words and phrases that tend to depict them as quite polarizing and that focus on their targets’ so-called past “transgressions”. On top of that, these mainstream media outfits never cease to inundate our news feeds with negative reports, just like how the so-called Marites would spread tsismis within their circles.

With the Court of Appeals’ affirmation of Rappler founder and editor-in-chief Maria Angelita Ressa’s conviction as well as that of former Rappler reporter Reynaldo Santos over a cyber-libel charge filed by Chinese-Filipino entrepreneur Wilfredo Keng, media elitism is fast becoming exposed. Owing also to the not-so-distant past antics of GMA-7 brat-cast, er, broadcast journalists Vicky Morales, Mel Tiangco, and Jessica Soho over the victory of now-president Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos, Jr. and now-vice president Sara Zimmerman Duterte-Carpio as well as ABS-CBN plank-chor, er, anchor Karen Davila’s incessant putdowns aimed towards her pro-administration guests, we are all now aware of how mainstream media can distort angles, twist facts, and omit some important elements of the truth just to serve their own interests as well as those of their oligarchic patrons.

Just like the rest of the 31 million who are quite optimistic and vigilant at the same time, I cannot fathom why mainstream media outfits and practitioners tend to be as exclusive as the Manila Polo Club of yore or the Mafia. Jesus Christ, they are almost as deleterious as devilish anarchists or opportunistic oligarchs. The mainstream media outfits include print and broadcast media, which are frankly turning into cesspools of lies, muckraking, biases, and vituperation.

Instead of praising outright the actual accomplishments of the current administration as well as the immediate past administration, many media outfits tend to downplay the accomplishments. They also have the seemingly unstoppable proclivity to magnify the faux pas and the accidental peccadillos of the government and its leaders. Instead of being in the middle and following the demarcation line between objectivity and subjectivity, mainstream media outfits tend to conjure exaggerated news, disguising opinions as facts cleverly.

Media elitism is being practiced by mainstream media, except for quite a few courageous and objective pro-administration outfits such as The Manila Times, PTV-4, UNTV, SMNI, Net 25, DWIZ, and The Daily Tribune. Such is manifested by writers’ condescending and censorious tone of writing, broadcasters’ antagonistic line of questioning and patronizing style of reporting that borders on the sensational, editors’ exclusion of news on major pro-administration accomplishments, radio and television commentators’ acerbic remarks about our administration, and a lot more. Another manifestation of media elitism is that these media outfits are owned by two-bit oligarchs who are far more egocentric than Gaston, John Ratcliffe, or The Wicked Queen.

Why is media elitism considered a social and moral malady, then?

To be blunt enough to the public, media elitism prevents the general public from having access to unfiltered, objective, and no-frills news. Many media outfits are guilty of embellishing news in the guise of giving the public what they need to know. Such an act is deplorable especially when we get to discover that what is news to mainstream media outfits is actually falsity at its finest.

Media elitism is also considered a moral malady because owners of mainstream media outfits are rapacious for profits and prestige. There were several people who told me face to face that a majority of the awards given to mainstream journalists are contrived and the prestige is earned once a so-called “award-giving body” rakes in the dough from those who wish to win awards.

Another reason why media elitism is akin to a terminal disease is that a vast majority of mainstream media practitioners tend to serve their own interests as well as those of their employers. With the way they spew vitriol thinly disguised as activism, they are actually bamboozling themselves and their incessant lying boomerang at them in retaliation for their wanton and unrepentant deception. Ergo, they are suffering from their very own transgressions.

To wrap up our discussion, international media outfits are guilty of media elitism because they cannot unshackle themselves from the inveigling of many prominent (notorious, to be accurate) anti-administration Filipinos into making these overseas media outfits believe their hallucinatory and self-serving lamentations that they veil thinly as protestations against injustices in our country.

For us to be true purveyors and warriors of objectivity and truth, we must be keen and precise when it comes to determining veracity of information as well as discerning by doing cross-referencing. In such ways, we are able to combat media elitism and media outfits and practitioners who are notorious for being esoteric, egocentric, elephantine, and embarrassing.

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GUESS WHAT: Asking for kickbacks and making processes difficult are the hallmarks of this local government unit somewhere in Central Luzon. My source, who used to be engaged in acting as a middleman for those who wish to procure emergency vehicles (but failed), whispered to me that he contacted several personnel involved in the bids and awards committee. They met at a fast food chain and my source was taken aback upon learning that his contacts from the LGU in question wanted huge kickbacks. When my source refused, the bids and awards men then made it difficult for my source to be able to supply ambulances and fire trucks. Out of frustration, my source quit the vehicle brokerage trade and is now in a profession that makes him happy, satisfied, and accomplished. Moreover, he is also free from scandals and lawsuits.

What are the lessons of the story? Never ever taint bidding processes with corruption. Easy money leads to easy journeys to hell. Never deal with opportunistic government people. Follow your conscience, not your avarice.
GUESS WHO: Who is this so-called educationalist and historian from a remote province in the Luzon-Visayas boundary who insults PWDs who are ardent defenders of the current administration? My source, who is a patriotic education student and also a PWD, was once sent a private message by our subject. Instead of being respectful, the so-called educator was condescending and gruff towards my source, even citing so-called stories about the Marcos administration. As a result, our subject was blocked in a jiffy by my source.

What are the lessons of the story? Never be condescending towards students. Disagree respectfully, not patronizingly. Do not bombard people with threats and insults. Be civil, not a devil.

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