Vice mayor-elect worried of armed men stalking him

SARRAT, Ilocos Norte, June 24– Vice Mayor-elect Virgilio Agoto of this town reported to the police about the presence of some suspicious-looking armed men who were believed to be stalking him since he won in the election.

He cited one instance when one early morning while inspecting his chicken house, he saw the suspects hiding from a nearby spot.

Before responding police arrived, the suspects had fled, he said.

Even in his farm, he said, the suspects were seen near the area as if they were tailing him.

Agoto added he was also surprised when a guy posing as vendor delivered to his house a fish which he never ordered from anyone.

When he was the town councilor, he never experienced this threat but only now that he got elected as vice mayor, he said.

As this developed, newly reelected town Mayor Remigio Medrano said he advised the troubled vice mayor-elect Agoto, his political ally, to be more security-conscious at all times, especially that his family, relatives, and friends had expressed deep concern about his safety. (tri-media report)