Tom’s deep love; farewell cousin, Judge Roy

Landscape artist Rolly Tomas of Estancia, Piddig, Ilocos Norte found an aesthetic way to ease his sorrow over the loss of his beloved wife.

For days and months, he was seen in front of his lawn doing something.
That “something” turned to be a head turner that wows curious neighbors and passersby.

It’s an amazing big Heart-Shaped Landscape, now a favorite spot by selfie-buffs and other lensmen.

Rolly dedicates his “masterpiece” to his departed better half as an expression of his everlasting love, says mom Carmelita.


Female drug pushers hid “ice” in underwear and other means.
Last Feb. 22, Miss Emerald, 46, tried to trick lawmen during a buy-bust sting in Batac City.

But operatives of the deputy police chief, Senior Inspector Dionisio Baldillo were smarter. They detected a shabu concealed in her lipstick item.


Sarrat police chief Roldan Suitos and his men rescued a rape victim in the darkness near the Padsan River.

The girl, a 19ner, was in trauma but when she heard the sweet voice of Major Suitos, she calmed down sensing she was already in good hand.

Her arrested molesters are now facing charges.


RIP ex-mayor and ex-bokal Pacing Velasco, 79.

He was one of the best mayors I have known who ruled Bacarra town, the famous home of balikbayans during the Marcos era.

Many folks in Ilocos Norte’s first district will also remember him as a respected provincial legislator.

His name Apo Pacing rings a bell because of his “Apo Bokal Pacing” yellow-painted benches installed in strategic public places during his time.


Still, an obituary, my cousin Ilocos Norte RTC Judge Isidoro “Roy” Pobre didn’t live long to enjoy his retirement from the government service, particularly the judiciary.

His nice house in Paoay, his hometown, was almost finished in renovation when he had a stroke and treated for months in Manila until his recent untimely demise.

Judge Roy

Roy was endeared to me as a close relative, occasional drinking buddy, the godfather of my son Excel and sometimes Textmate.

When busy in court work, he made me his instant speechwriter to craft his piece for his speaking engagement.

When my dad died years ago, Roy and other cousins were all there at our Paoay ancestral home and condoled our bereaved family. His group also rendered a few Ilocano serenade songs during the “sinadag” for my dad’s last night wake.

On the eve of Roy’s funeral day, my sis Zeny, wife Nanette and I also paid our last respect. There, I met a lot of our unknown relatives. Some say they knew me only in name as a journalist but not personally.

To you cousin Roy, farewell on your final journey into God’s embrace.#