“Rape victim was crying when rescued”–Suitos

SARRAT, Ilocos Norte, Feb. 19– Damsel (not her real name), 19, student, was allegedly raped by two men–one was her 19-day-old boyfriend whom he met through the Facebook social media last February 1, lawmen reported.

“She was crying in a dark spot near the cottages at the Padsan river resort here when we rescued her,” Chief Inspector Roldan Suitos, town police chief, told reporters.

Suitos said the victim and her boyfriend attended a birthday party last Sunday.

Instead of bringing the girl to her residence after the party, he brought her to the river resort where the alleged rape incident took place.

In a pursuit police operation, the two suspects were arrested.

When grilled at the police station, investigators said they found an illegal drug concealed in a wallet of one of the suspects.

Meanwhile, a mother of one of the suspects accused the arresting team of planting evidence and tagged a hooded cop of kicking her husband.
Suitos, however, denied the mother’s allegation. (tri-media report)