Teacher’s anti-fashion; Pang of hunger

A high school teacher from the eastern town of Ilocos Norte turned into an alleged anti-fashion, grabbed a scissor and apparently cut the tatter-styled pants of several students against the will of the latter.

Wearing denim pants with the tattered front is trending as fashion-style among the Millenials and even some adults.

The erring teacher probably lost sense of prudence due to the drastic act of mutilating the students’ denim.

To mitigate the wrongdoing, the damages were replaced with new denim pants at the teacher’s expense.

All is well that ends well as the Principal assured the concerned students and parents that no similar incident shall happen again in the school.

To sir and ma’am, if trending, go with the music.

The shooting that snuffed the life of a suspected drug pusher during a police drug-buy-bust operation near the By-pass Road in Laoag City caught the attention of the Ilocos Norte police provincial office.

P/Major Rely Layug, chief of the police-community relations office at INPPO, wants the internal affairs office to step up a deep investigation on the incident to clear any doubt by the victim’s relatives.

Major Layug’s recommendation is a welcome move on the part of INPPO, especially that the human rights group in Ilocos Norte is extremely watchful on the drug war of the government.

President Duterte to get full honors from the US if he visits Uncle Sam, report says.

Of course, as head of the state, he deserves such VIP treatment.

However, we expect his American critics, especially the two US opposition senators, in the welcoming crowd to be frowning at his back.

Some members of the Western press critical to his war on the illegal drug would also look at him like a visiting madman coz that’s the bad impression they got from Veep Leni Robredo’s poison rhetoric.

Some 2.1 million Filipino families experienced involuntary hunger in 2019, according to an SWS survey.

In Luzon, most especially in the Ilocos region, severe hunger is rarely felt because the hardworking Ilocanos would never allow their family members to suffer the pang of “stomach revolution”.

In Ilocos provinces, seldom you see beggars in the corner streets compared to those many mendicants in Metro Manila or National Capital Region.

Sometimes, the poor Badjao families from the South tried to invade the Ilocos in the North and do the begging even in a hostile manner. They abused the Ilocanos’ generosity. #