Starving Korean sailor drifts damaged yacht off Currimao

*Phil Coast guards feed him,
help fix his seacraft

CURRIMAO, Ilocos Norte, Oct. 28, 2019–Starving for days in the high seas, Han Bae Sur, 46, South Korean national, drifted his troubled yacht off Brgy. Victoria, this coastal town, Philippine Coastguard authorities here reported.

LT. Commander Alexander Corpuz, head of the Coastguard in Ilocos Norte, said the Korean sought refuge here when his seacraft developed a body hole in the high seas.

At first, his men boarded the stranded yacht and searched inside for any contraband but it found negative, he said.

Reports said the pale-looking Korean quickly asked for food upon ditching on the shore saying he was too exhausted and hungry.

He said he merely ate a few biscuits and canned goods for survival while sailing in distress for several days.

It was learned that on Oct. 24, he came to the Philippines where he briefly visited his girlfriend in San Fernando, La Union.

He was returning to South Korea when his yacht developed a body hole while sailing in the high seas.

To help fix the damaged yacht, the Coastguardsmen aided the Korean in buying from the local store the needed spare parts and materials. (tri-media report)