Spanish-era bridge a big issue? DU30 admits he’s unwell

The alleged illegal partial demolition of a small portion of a centuries-old Spanish colonial-era mini bridge at Barit, Laoag City by DPWH people sparked a brouhaha among concerned netizens.
Their act is a punishable offense, Capitol authorities say.

The Hi-ways district bosses were summoned and did a lot of explaining to the provincial officials.
In the first place, district engineer Nestor Pasion and his men, surely, didn’t have the passion and intent to vandalize the vintage bridge.

Perhaps, it’s a part of their road widening job “to touch, reinforce and preserve” the antique bridge sans defacing its original look.

However, if Pasion, et al claim ignorance of the law as their defense, still, they may not be off the hook, a legal mind warns.


Some 100 women, children and elderly were rescued from the flooded area in the coastal Sitio of Bungro, Pragata, Pasuquin Ilocos Norte at the height of the monsoon rains.

Living in Pragata, especially during the rainy days, is courting death by drowning.

Personally, I have seen the highly flood-prone place of Pragata during one summertime in the 1980s together with some friends. We went there to help a poor litigant of our friend lawyer.

To reach the place, we left my own Fort Escort car at the riverbank and we trekked a rickety bamboo-foot bridge for 20 minutes. Any accidental fall may lead to instant drowning down below.

We noticed the small houses there were built with elevated flooring to avoid the perennial flood disaster.


The rah-rah boys of Prez Duterte were onion-skinned over the statement of Communist Party of the Philippines founding chairman Jose Ma. Sison alleging that DU30 was in comatose due to illness which the latter denied as he spoke live on television.

To pareng Harry Roque, don’t be in hurry por que you’re the Malacañang mouthpiece. Be careful in defending him outright to avoid blunder like your counterpart PCOO Martin Andanar who’s prone to error.

You said the President is ill-free but your Boss himself told TV audience later that he’s in “perpetual pain”, specifically, he’s suffering a stubborn nerve ailment in the neck he got from a past motorcycle self-accident when he was still the mayor of Davao.

On the other hand, Joma Sison, also a writer, now in exile in The Netherlands, is a propaganda buff. He teases to psywar his enemy. If they bite his word bait, that’s the problem.

“Nalaing isuna a mangsutil kadagiti kabusorna”.

Many may not know it, the ex-UP professor-turned rebel leader is a genuine Ilocano (GI) who hails from Cabugao, Ilocos Sur. He went underground a long time ago since the Marcos era.

Many fellow Ilocanos and our countrymen, in general, are hoping that a genuine peace talk should be pursued between the government and the CPP to end the decades-long communist armed rebellion in our native land.


Movie action star-turned-politician Lito Lapid may be drafted for senator anew in the 2019 midyear polls.

Please Pareng Lito, say no this time if they offer you the slot.

Never allow yourself again to endure the boredom of a mere silent spectator while attending the Senate business hours.

Yes, you publicly admitted that due to low educational attainment, you have a limited knowledge of the English language which put you at lost of all the major legislative agenda during your term.

We admire Mr. Lapid for being humble in admitting his weakness.

Showbiz personality Agot Isidro and Inquirer veteran columnist Mon Tulfo, also both listed in the senatorial draft?

Mon should think twice as his image seemed have been tarnished by the negative publicity against his siblings ousted Tourism Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo and brother broadcaster Ben Tulfo, whom he described as black sheep in their family.

Aside from movie acting, what other assets can Agot brag to make her a winnable poll bet? #