Several students collapse in the classroom at MNHS

MARCOS, Ilocos Norte, July 3– Sir Paciano Cid, the principal of Marcos National High School main campus at Brgy. Lydia, this town confirmed that some of their Grade 9 and Grade 10 students were hospitalized after they collapsed during classes.

Doctors finding showed that the victims collapsed due to alleged hunger, menstruation cramp for the girls, asthma, and lack of sleep, the principal said.

Cid said that two of those who collapsed last July 1 were the same students who fainted again in the afternoon of July 2.

He explained that the victims’ classroom was equipped with an electric fan but it may not be enough to cool the place from the heat of the day.

The principal learned through the parents that some of the victims were cellphone addicts who used to play with their gadget till wee hours of the morning. (tri-media report)