Preggy woman dies in a crash due to a prank tire on the road

PASUQUIN, Ilocos Norte, May 24, 2021–A pregnant woman, 30, was killed and her husband, 29, was injured when the motorcycle they were riding northward crashed after hitting a truck tire abandoned on the middle of the road at Brgy. Carusipan, this town.

Police responders said the pregnant victim was comatose and later expired at the hospital despite doctors’ efforts to revive her.

Investigators said the victims didn’t wear a crash helmet during the incident.

Police traced that the abandoned tire on the road was put there by a drunk man who turned unruly that night.

Authorities said the drunk man may be charged with homicide for the death of the pregnant woman on the ground that the abandoned tire was the root cause of the fatal crash. (tri-media report)