Police pulverize seized noisy modified mufflers

PIDDIG, Ilocos Norte, July 1, 2021–Police authorities here used backhoe heavy equipment to pulverize some 40 pieces of noisy modified mufflers which were confiscated earlier from motorcycles roaming in this town.

The lawmen said they destroyed the irritant mufflers in full public view at Brgy. Calluza to disprove an allegation that the cops were keeping for themselves the seized mufflers for their personal use.

The PNP-Piddig launched recently a surprise confiscation of all modified mufflers that caused disturbances in response to public clamor.

In Laoag, many residents and visitors said they are also urging the city police to duplicate the PNP-Piddig’s efforts by eradicating irritant mufflers installed on cars, trucks, tricycles, and motorcycles to minimize noise pollution around the city. (tri-media report)