Piglet born with 2 heads, 3 eyes

Ilocos Norte provincial veterinarian Dr. Loida Valenzuela explained that the piglet born in Laoag City with two heads and three eyes may be the result of a congenital anomaly during the mother pig pregnancy.

The PVET chief said that in most cases, piglets with physical abnormality would not live long.

The weird creature is one of the 9 piglets gave birth by a mother hog owned by a certain Andres of Brgy. Barit, Laoag City.

He named the baby pig as “Copig” as it was born during this COVID-19 pandemic.

He said Copig could hardly stand and walk due to the weight of its two heads.

It was the third time that the mother hog gave birth to multiple piglets but only this weird one differs from the rest, he said. (tri-media report)