Our religious fervor keeps aflame

For two straight years now, the majority of our fellow Filipinos missed, sans regret, the traditional way of observing the Holy Week. Albeit, the Pinoys’ religious dedication during the Lenten was still overwhelming.

Many Filipino Catholics observed the Lenten at home via church activities online until Easter Sunday, April 4 due to the surge in COVID positive cases.

In Ilocos Norte, the issued guideline of Gov. Matthew Marcos Manotoc’s during the Holy Week was followed to the letter.

For instance, the traditional station of the cross procession was done within the church vicinity. Also, the devotees resorted to virtual vigils, prayer meetings, recollections and other religious practices.

Hence, the local parishes opted to digitize their services. Online Holy Mass was telecast via Facebook and Youtube, allowing the devotees to participate virtually in the Eucharist rites and hear the words of God right at the comfort of their homes without fear of COVID infection.

The Laoag Diocese’s vigilance against the contagion reaped admiration from the health sector when it clipped or limited some of the religious activities as per recommended by the Diocesan Liturgical Committee.

In the aftermath, the observance of Holy Week, during this time of great uncertainty, didn’t spoil or reduce in any degree our genuine faith in God.

In fact, it was a good opportunity to become a better follower of God and reflect deeper on our faith vis-a-vis the global pandemic as we keep aflame our religious fervor now and forever. (IS)

*Published: March 29-April 4, 2021 edition