One-year-old baby drowns off stream

DINGRAS, Ilocos Norte, Oct. 13, 2021–This tragic incident is blamed on apparent negligence?

A one-year-old baby girl allegedly crawled unnoticed and drowned off a stream at Brgy. Barong, this town, police said.

P/Capt. Joseph Calderon, the town police chief, reported that the mother allegedly entrusted her baby under the care of two young siblings while she went to a nearby stream to launder their clothes.

He said the baby probably crawled on the ground towards the stream unnoticed by the siblings, who maybe were just playing around.
Hours later, the mother returned home to give milk to the baby.

She was shocked and worried to find out that the baby was missing.

She quickly scoured the area and found the victim’s body floating in the water, some 100 meters away from their house.

No further details of how the victim fell off the brook. (tri-media report)