In Batac City, Chua bros vs. Nalupta bros

The province (Ilocos Norte) was dubbed as the best host of R1AA meet. Cheers! But critics assailed the adopted Olympic medal system that totally set aside the championship title. Sorry to say, whoever was the think tank of this R1AA system, give him the squash award.

The Muslim community in Laoag City is fast becoming the “mecca” of local politicians. It’s obvious they want a favor from its residents, specifically their precious votes.

Our Muslim brothers and sisters are fast growing in number here. As permanent residents now after fleeing their troubled homeland in the South, the hospitable Laoageneos learned to cherish them in the course of time as their adopted city mates. They are now a part and parcel in the mainstream of the Ilocano society.

It’s final. The Chuas and Naluptas of Batac City will collide head-on in the mayoral and vice mayoral race this midterm elections. Incumbent Mayor Albert Chua tapped his elder brother Windell Chua as his running mate.

Never in my mind cropped up the idea that Attorney Windell would ambition to run for vice mayor considering that he was an erstwhile vice governor and later provincial administrator.

His opponent is a doctor-turned-politician in the person of incumbent city councilor Jed Nalupta, younger brother of former mayor and incumbent vice mayor Jeffrey Jubal Nalupta, who is coming back for mayor versus Mayor Albert.

We may call Jed too young in politics compared to the veteran Manong Windell but in this dirty game of politics, the underdog may be belittled yet he can also wield surprises in his favor.

As for Hon. Albert and Hon. Jeffrey, it will be an interesting showdown to watch as both are seasoned politicians who may give their fellow Batacqueneos a difficult time to choose whom to vote between the two when they (electorates) write their official ballots.

Come the Election Day on May 13, 2019, we’ll see who will emerge as the modern-day triumphant gladiators between the Nalupta brothers and Chua brothers. #