Drunken man attacks PNP station, COP hurt

PIDDIG, Ilocos Norte, March 27, 2020–P/Capt. Kristoffer King Ramos, the town’s chief of police (COP), was injured in the right arm when a drunken man attacked the police station of this town, a PNP report said.

The suspect, a farmer, 53, of Brgy. Tonoton, this town, went to the PNP station under the influence of liquor.

While inside, the suspect confronted and berated Captain Ramos about an earlier incident involving his son.

The suspect became unruly and broke a table glass cover.

He later hit the police chief who sustained an injury in the right arm.

Responding cops subdued him and locked him behind bars.

When no longer tipsy and had regained composure, he apologized to the lawmen for his misdemeanor.

However, the police chief said despite the apology, they would still indict the suspect with various criminal charges to give him a lesson. (tri-media report)