DepEd probes students’ sex video scandal on viral

SARRAT, Ilocos Norte, July 5– The school principal and teachers of the Sarrat National High School here under the Department of Education were investigating the alleged sex video scandal involving a pair of students of minor age which went viral in the social media.

Roy Pandaraoan, the school guidance counselor, said the SNHS officials had already invited the parents of the concerned high school students to a closed-door meeting to help resolve the problem.

In a media interview, Sir Pandaraoan explained that the alleged video recorded pair was part of the group of SNHS students (boys and girls) who went to the Padsan River at Brgy. San Mateo, Laoag City after their classes at noontime break.

Reports said the group allegedly brought with them a gin and engaged in a drinking spree inside a hut near the riverbed where the alleged sex video recording took place.

Sir Pandaraoan appealed to the concerned people who got hold of the video account to stop sharing it to others and instead, they should delete it completely from their electronic gadget to prevent the further spread of it in the social media.

He also asked public compassion and understanding by not assailing and maligning the scandalous act committed by the minors in order to avoid adding insult to injury on the offended parties. (tri-media report)