Another cow killed, 1kilo flesh chopped

MARCOS, Ilocos Norte, July 23– Another cow was killed and abandoned but one fleshy part of the body was missing, police reported.

A similar incident was reported recently here where a cow got killed and its two hind legs were chopped by still unknown perpetrators.

Police Chief Roldan Suitos said that in this latest incident, the perpetrators killed the animal and chopped a favorite fleshy part of the body.

The suspects chopped from the rear thigh about one-kilo flesh, perhaps, for them to cook for food, Chief Inspector Suitos said in the dialect noting “siguro pangsutilda”.

Investigation showed that the owner-farmer left his animal overnight in the farm.

When he checked it the following morning, the cow was already laying in a pool of blood with the fleshy part of the thigh missing. (tri-media report)