Abuzz nowadays is the talk that the academic calendar, at least for basic education, will be reverted to the original one. As we can all recall, there have been many of us Filipinos who have clamored for the revival of the old annual schedule, at least from kindergarten to high school (senior high included).
One of the prime reasons behind the wild clamor for the revival of the academic calendar of yore is that the intense heat wave in the Philippines tends to cause not a few students and teachers so much physical torture. Given that we are a tropical country, we cannot contradict the fact that our summers are more torturous than sadists and the Gestapo combined. Another attributive reason is that we all have been used to the March to June break, which the past generations would look forward to in the past (yours truly included). Finally, the March to June academic break has proven to help teachers prepare for the academic year with less pressure and less stress, based on my experience as a basic education teacher eons ago.
The Department of Education (DepEd) has finally listened to the pleas of the general public to bring back the academic calendar to June to March as the range for the academic year. It is quite commendable to note that DepEd is going to apply this to 2025 so that schools under the aegis of the department, whether public or private, would transition to the traditionally accepted academic calendar without much difficulty and without being quite rattled.
What is also laudable is that DepEd has finally learned how to sit down with education stakeholders.
Frankly, The Ilocano Educator does not consider you legitimate education stakeholders, Alliance of Communist Teachers and Teachers’ Danger Coalition, for you cause nuisance and foment anarchy. You do nothing but rant and rave, that’s all. You claim to have pushed for this, but I see you as merely joining the bandwagon.
Sara, for the first time, you have done something worthwhile.
I totally agree with the reverting of the academic calendar to June as the starting month of classes instead of August, which has been in force since 2020. First of all, it provides students with much-needed rest, which has been proven to help to combat child stress. Furthermore, teachers get to have their training without experiencing the tumult, stress, and pressure that they experience whenever have their in-service training in the middle of every academic year. In addition, students get to have enough play and recreation (and so do teachers) without moping and sulking due to having to stay home during rainy days.
As far as the academic calendar is concerned, it is not always all about syncing it with the academic calendars of the Western hemisphere and the rest of the world. Rather, it is all about tuning in with the environment and avoiding natural disasters in order for weather-related calamities to avoid disrupting classes.
Madam Dominatrix former Secretary Leonor M. Briones, look what you have done to our students! Nagkakahetot-hetot sila sa pag-aaral nila dahil natatapat sa mga maiinit na araw ang kanilang klase! You should have thought of the students when you decided to change the academic calendar close to four years ago, but you failed to do so. I now rest my case (and I hope you rest in peace).
Finally, summers will be looked forward to by many of us and we will get to frolic under the sun once again (sunscreen, mind you all)!
DepEd, mabuhay kayo sa inyong pagbabalik ng academic calendar sa Junio, pero hindi rito nagtatapos ang inyong pagpapakatino pagdating sa paggawa ng desisyon para sa mga mag-aaral!

The Ilocano Educator would like to congratulate Jeric L. Olarte, sophomore Tourism Management major of Parañaque City College, for being chosen as one of the 12 Filipino scholars set to study at Kyungbok University in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. His scholarship is good for four (4) years and is fully funded by the Government of South Korea. Jeric will be majoring in Airline Services.
Jeric is known as one of the talented students of PCC, where he would emcee school programs as well as organize events. He is the older of two siblings and is a proud son of Barangay San Dionisio, Parañaque City.
We, your fellow Filipinos, are so proud of you for this amazing feat, Jeric! Mabuhay ka and may your tribe increase!
GUESS WHAT: Having others drive for him/her constantly is the number one trademark of this former SUC/LUC executive. According to one of my sources, the freeloading fellow would badger his/her colleagues to drive for him/her since s/he has no car and has not been behind the wheel in his/her entire life. In fairness to our protagonist, s/he is now successfully running his/her own business.
What are the lessons of the story? Find a better way to get what you want. Never pressure people into doing something for you. Be independent-minded. Avoid pestering people so that you would not get into their nerves.
GUESS WHO: Who is this insurance CEO who is now hot in the eyes of the Insurance Commission and is now in deep crap? According to one of my sources, the executive/founder of the company frittered much of the funds to fund his/her vicious gambling habit, therefore failing to render service to many existing clientele. Our subject has also been known as an inveterate control freak, wanting to personally inspect every insurance plan as proposed by his/her company’s agents for his/her approval. As a result, the CEO’s company is now banned from doing business, although our subject is still doing otherwise.
What are the lessons of the story? Be fiscally responsible. Do not use your company as your personal bank account. Being a control freak can freak you out in the long run. Karma comes around for people who are too proud.

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