A murder case gathers dust; Stalkers scare a Sarrat pol

June 28 turned into a bad day for an ex-mayor of Ilocos Norte as warrant officers swooped down into her condo unit in Quezon City and nabbed her for a murder case filed against her 10 years ago before the lower court here.

The case had been gathering dust for a decade. Probably, the victim’s family is partly happy with this latest development.

Records showed testimonial evidence linking the ex-mayor as the alleged mastermind of the slaying in 2009.

I heard the accused ex-mayor hired the best lawyer in town to prove in court the client’s innocence of the crime.

Of course, the defense lawyer’s first legal move is to save the client from detention pending trials or proceedings of the case.

A case like this is an uphill legal fight that may even reach the Supreme Court for the final verdict.

As trial lawyers generally say: A client or litigant remains innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by the proper court.

Since he got elected vice mayor of Sarrat, Ilocos Norte a month ago, Virgilio Agoto becomes too vigilant about his personal safety.

He told the police that suspected armed men were stalking him near his residential house and farm hut. Whether the motive is just to scare him or not, it pays for him to seek police protection from possible physical harm.

To keep his mind at peace, may we say that real assassins strike a target without any advanced warning sign. They are called hitmen for they operate like lightning bolt.

June is observed as National Kidney Month.

Health experts advised the kids to drink sufficient water, don’t delay urinating, avoid salty and sweet foods and practice a healthy lifestyle to have a good kidney organ from youth to adulthood.

Sad to say, when kids nowadays got hold of electronic gadgets, they don’t give damn to the call of nature by delaying their “jingle” which is detrimental to the gall bladder.

At home dining table, school canteen, and fast food store, growing kids usually eat all kinds of food serving regardless if sugary, sodium-loaded, oily and carbo booster.

Parents and guardians, watch out carefully about your children’s eating habit and personal hygiene to protect them from any disease especially at an early age. #