Bus stone throwers strike anew

BATAC CITY, June 1– After almost a year of no stone-throwing incidents, suspected notorious road vandals victimizing passenger buses in Ilocos Norte returned with vengeance as they struck again this week.

Reports said a Viron bus bound for Manila was hit by a big stone at Brgy. Magnuang near the spot where the recent motorcycle-dump truck collision occurred that killed two young riders.

The hurled stone broke the Viron bus glass side of the passengers’ side leaving a yawning hole as posted on the media website.

No one was reported hurt but it caused panic among the passengers.

In Pinili town, Capt. Jephre Taccad, police chief, reported that the Gabriela bus was unloading some passengers in Brgy. Darat at about 8 p.m. when two suspected motorcycle-riding drunken men lobbed a stone at the bus destroying its breakable glass parts.

Reports said a concerned bus company quickly offered a cash reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspects as a deterrent to future stone throwing maniacs.

Police investigators said they were reviewing the bus dash cam and CCTV footages along Brgy. Darat to determine the identities of the suspects. (tri-media report)