Aliwan 2009: Pamulinawen Festival

Laoag City’s Pamulinawen Festival focuses on fishing as an Ancient Ilocano practice. The dance expresses the Ilocano’s industriousness, along with their resilience, bravery, resolve and a spiritual affinity to their patron saint, William the Hermit. The power-charged variety of steps is a faithful metaphor of the elements they brave such as the wind and the sea. Laoag City’s float depicts the process of weaving “abel iloko” from cotton and other natural fibers. Up to now the fabric is manually woven on pedal-frame looms and made into bedcovers, pillow cases, place mats, bags, blankets, garments and everything else that the creative Ilocano mind can think of. Just as tourists can see living history at the Gammeng Museum in Laoag, The float also carries three “manangs” weaving the fabric. The abel has been a major economic factor in the lives of the Ilocanos and was onced praised by legendary fashion icon Pierre Cardin for its intricate weave. The Abel Iloko Float scored its second straight victory (First Place) in 2009 Aliwan Fiesta Float Design Competition.