Vice Mayor Saguid surrenders son linked to murder case

DINGRAS, Ilocos Norte, May 10–Police Chief Teddy Rosqueta reported this evening that Vice Mayor Joeffrey Saguid of this town has surrendered to the police authorities his son, who was linked to a murder incident in August 2013.

Chief Inspector Rosqueta said that Vice Mayor Saguid called the police station and gave his son up to the police last night.

Rosqueta said the young Saguid resurfaced and attended the birthday party of his dad in their residence.

At that juncture, the vice mayor convinced his son to voluntarily surrender and face the charges so he could prove his innocence to the crime.

Rosqueta noted that the vice mayor had promised earlier to his constituents in Dingras that he would surrender his son in case he chanced to see him.

The young Sanguid had an arrest warrant after he was charged as co-accused in the murder of his barangay mate, the late Glen Guerrero of Brgy. Guerrero, this town.

Two of his co-accused including a town councilor remain at large, police said.(tsg with rj, bbr, kl report)