U.P. Pop Experts Assess PGIN’s Pop Program

LAOAG CITY – Provincial Population Officer Erlinda Ramiro said that the University of the Philippines Population Institute has recently assessed the natural family planning program of the provincial government of Ilocos Norte.

She said that representatives from UP Pop Institute concluded that there is a great awareness from the respondents regarding the natural planning program.

The institute is conducting a nationwide study on the matter.

The result of the study, it was learned, shall be the basis of the national government in undertaking its new plan regarding the country’s population program.

Ramiro said that many of those respondents who undergone the Responsible Parenthood Seminar have understood the fundamentals of the natural family planning method, which was an essential issue in the said seminar.

It showed, she said, that the seminar was effective since many of them later vowed to practice the importance of the natural family planning method. (edg)