Students forced to clean school’s toilet bowl with bare hands?

DINGRAS, Ilocos Norte  (Sept. 15) – A public female high school teacher here may face an inquiry on the allegation that she forced several  students under her class to dip their bare hands into a toilet bowl when they cleaned  their school comfort room as part of their punishment.

The teacher partly admitted the claim noting that she did it to discipline her students whom she accused of repeatedly throwing garbage into the toilet bowl despite her constant reminders to them to keep it always clean.

Report said that when she confronted them and no one admitted the guilt, she allegedly forced them to clean the toilet receptacle with their bare hands.

Edison Bartolome,  school principal, said the teacher was already made  to explain her side on the allegation. He also invited the parents of the  involved students to have a dialogue with him and the teacher to help thresh out the problem. (Theo S. Guiang)