Strict Use of Crash Helmets

LAOAG CITY – The Laoag traffic division has started imposing the “no helmet-no drive” policy in line with a city ordinance seeking the strict use of crash helmets among motorcycle riders.

SPO4 Ramelito Piedad said traffic enforcers will monitor motorists who fail to use crash helmets including those who use helmets that are not intended for motorcycle riding such as baseball hardcaps or construction helmets.

Violators of the ordinance face a penalty of P1,500 each for the driver and the passenger or backrider.

The traffic division said most accidents that occur involving motorcycles are those who failed to wear their protective helmets.

Motorists have been given a leeway in the use of helmets last year but the rising number of vehicular accidents has forced city officials to tighten the law on the helmet use. (Cristina Arzadon –PIA Ilocos Norte)