Sport at Laoag sand dune lures many tourists

LAOAG CITY (August 16) – Bored of the usual beach and heritage route? Then the Ilocos sand dunes could be your next destination for a sand ride.

The birth of the board sport sand boarding began two years ago courtesy of the Laoag Eco Adventure Development movement (or Lead movement).

The group, through its leader Reny Tan and Glenn Guerrero created the sand sport two years ago as an outdoor activity complementing the already popular off-roading sport or going on a four-wheel drive ride at the Laoag sand dunes in the seaside village of La Paz.

According to Lead’s web information, Tan and Guerrero both designed the sand board which they ride-tested one Sunday afternoon on the desert slopes of barangay La Paz.

Since then, it had become one of the eco-adventure attractions in Ilocos Norte luring droves of tourists from across the country including foreign nationals.

Sandboarding is a board sport similar to snowboarding that takes place on sand dunes instead of snow-covered mountains. A sand boarder rides with both feet strapped to the board and glides across or down the desert.

The Lead group offers sand boards and tutorials for individual and group tourists who wish to experience a different outdoor adventure on the Ilocos sand dunes. (PIA Ilocos Norte)