Riders in tandem kill trike driver

BATAC CITY, Jan. 6–It was the last snack for Edwin Tapac, tricycle driver, married, of Brgy. Palongpong at early dawn today. He was shot to death after eating from a burger stand in Brgy. Caunayan here at about 1:30 o’clock this morning, police said.

He died on the spot due to multiple gunshot wounds in the body inflicted by suspected Cal.9mm pistol bullets. He had three other companions during the incident.

Cops said Tapac and his three friends earlier spent the night at a videoke bar in nearby Paoay town.

Supt. Rey Ogay, city police chief, said investigation showed that the group of Tapac had a misunderstanding with fellow customers at the Paoay bar before they left the place.

On their way home aboard a tricycle, they dropped by at the burger stand here in Batac to have a snack. The victim finished his burger first and went ahead inside their parked tricycle.

At that juncture, the gunmen riding in tandem approached him and repeatedly fired at him.

Witness Midnalyn (not her real name) said one of the hooded gunmen bought a burger from her counter stand before the shooting occurred.

Norie Tapac told reporters that her husband, a long time tricycle driver, had no death threat. That fateful night, she dissuaded him from going out with his friends but he didn’t heed her plea. (tsg w/ ar,rs report)