PIA to Campaign vs Drug Couriers

LAOAG CITY (February 21, 2011) – The Philippine Information Agency has launched an information campaign on the Anti-Drug Courier Program (ADCP) as part of the Agency’s information drive against drug trafficking.

The ADCP, a component of the task force on drug couriers, is meant to protect Filipinos from being victimized as drug couriers.

The task force was created through Administrative Order No. 279 issued on February 10, 2010 to address the growing incidence of drug trafficking involving Filipinos.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency said drug syndicates have been recruiting Filipinos as couriers of prohibited drugs for distribution abroad.

Records show that cases of drug courier in the country rose to 689 by January this year from only two incidents in 1993. At present, 79 are facing death penalty in China, 6 of whom are without reprieve while 73 are with 2-year reprieve.

In response to the drug problem, the Philippine government through the PIA and other partner agencies launched the anti-drug courier campaign targeting OFWs who come from the provinces.

Atty. Jose Fabia, PIA Director General, said information materials discouraging OFWs from acting as drug couriers will be disseminated to provinces where families of OFWs are based.

Fabia said the Philippine government is focusing its attention on addressing drug trafficking because of its effect on Filipinos who fall prey on the modus operandi of drug syndicates

To assist the PIA in promoting the ADCP, the PDEA through its representative, Agent Merthon Fesway, of the Ilocos Norte Special Enforcement Team, will provide a briefing on drug courier incidents during the PIA radio forum tomorrow (February 22) aired over Dwfb-Radyo ng Bayan at 3pm.

Fesway said PDEA is presently monitoring the movements of a suspected drug syndicate who may have started recruiting drug couriers in Ilocos provinces.

Fesway declined to give details on the drug syndicate so as not to compromise PDEA’s operations.  (Cristina Arzadon – PIA Ilocos Norte)