Pet dog killed in accident gets a decent burial

PINILI, Ilocos Norte, June 25–For excessive love to their pet dog who died in a road accident, the child-less Saturnino couple of Brgy. Badio, of this town accorded the canine a decent burial like a human. 

The masters said the dog, whom they named “Tisoy”, met an accident when he dashed into the street and was bumped by a passing van driven by a church pastor.

Tisoy was rushed to the hospital where he expired due to severe injuries.
The dog owners dressed up the body of Tisoy like a human complete with a coffin and fresh flowers.

An overnight wake was held where neighbors played card games and midnight snacks were served.

“Mourners” led by the dog owners were teary-eyed when Tisoy was buried the following day at the backyard of the Saturnino family here. (theo s. guiang/jg/ga)