I. Norte mulls use of solar power

CHINA–Provincial officials led by Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee R.Marcos may soon adopt the use of solar power in all government establishments in Ilocos Norte to help cushion the impact of high cost in electric consumption.

The governor had hinted a proposal to use solar power after a recent official observation tour in the province of Shandong, China. She, together with some municipal and provincial officials including Vice Governor Angelo Marcos Barba, had formalized the sisterhood pact between Shandong and Ilocos Norte during the tour.

Solar power can save the province from paying high cost of electric bills, Governor Marcos said.

It was learned that Shandong is noted as one of the world’s sites of biggest solar plantation, the Linuo Ritter International located in Jinan City.

The visiting group said they were amazed by Jinan’s solar-powered street and traffic lights. Majority of the residential houses in Jinan are also using solar power in their daily activities, they added.

The officials said they would study the solar power plan presented by Linuo Ritter International to determine if the project could help the province of Ilocos Norte save money in terms of energy power. (Ariel Paolo Tejada, PGIN-Communications and Media Office)