I. Norte celebrates 195th founding anniversary, launches countdown to bicentennial fete











The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) marks the province’s 195th founding anniversary with Governor Imee R. Marcos leading the opening program today, February 2.

Among the highlights of the celebration is the comeback of the ‘Open Capitol’ program which allowed hundreds of people, mainly school children, to raise their awareness of the services offered by each Capitol department by personally visiting each and experiencing its ‘interactive exhibit’.

Heightening the excitement during the ‘Open Capitol’ are the Junior Officials—young look-alikes of mayors, provincial board members, and the governor herself—who graced the event, some even had actively played roles during the program.

Meanwhile, on her remarks, Gov. Marcos had cited reasons for the Ilocano celebration, one of which is the launching of the “bicentennial movement” to begin the long countdown to the 2018 event.

“Happily, it will also be the 100th birthday of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. September 11 of 2017 until February 2 of 2018, we shall be celebrating a number of different occasions and events in all the different towns,” she added, signaling also the unveiling of the bicentennial seal.

The planning of the bicentennial celebration can be traced back as early as November 2012 during Gov. Marcos’ birthday celebration when she established the Tan-ok Bicentennial Committee which shall startbicentennial projects for Ilocos Norte towns and cities.

Gov. Marcos also proudly announced PGIN’s certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) conferred yesterday, Feb. 1.

“Today, we remain true, strong and One Great Ilocos. Yesterday, the provincial capitol became the first province with over 33 departments with certification of ISO, the international standard on management,” she said, pinpointing to PGIN’s feat on becoming the first ‘fully’ ISO-certified provincial government unit in the country after its months of toil to successfully pass the ISO auditing process.

“The entire province will be certain that once more in the next 200 years, we will lead the vanguard in governance, in development and truly in compassion,” Gov. Marcos added.

Today’s anniversary activities also includes a job fair at Ilocos Norte Centennial Arena in cooperation with the Laoag City Government and the ‘Open Capitol Market’, a trade fair showcasing each municipality’s major products at the Capitol parking area.—Grazielle Mae A. Sales, PGIN-CMO