First Wi-Fi Service in Laoag

LAOAG CITY (May 4) – Internet service is now within reach even at the remotest point of the city using wireless technology.

The Ilocos broadband, launched on Sunday, is a first in wireless technology for the Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative in partnership with an Israeli business consortium, the Broadband Powerlines Communications, Inc.

Engr. Renato Balintec, Inec general manager, said the broadband makes use of fiber optics that were tapped into the coop’s power poles.

A wi-fi antenna has been set up to send the wi-fi signal around the provincial capitol for its initial launch.

Balintec said 24 more antenna will be installed around the city, each with a radius of 500 meters making all points of Laoag a wi-fi zone.

The broadband is initially available only in Laoag but full operation will be reached by September 11.

To access the wi-fi signal, an internet user makes use of a wi-fi card worth P100 which is equivalent to 10 hours of internet surfing.

Balintec said the wi-fi service will benefit mostly students and tourists who make use of the internet service 24/7.