CHB Storms Laoag City

CHB Storms Laoag CityMountain biking is fast becoming a very popular sport in Ilocos Norte, particularly Laoag City. Various cycling groups have organized themselves to take advantage of the beautiful terrace and the conducive weather of Ilocandia.

One particular group, the CHB, mostly composed of employees of the City Government of Laoag, has been very active recruiting and convincing enthusiasts to secure a bike and join its weekend (usually Saturdays) fun trials. Engr. Ellis Corpuz, President of the CHB, has been very indulgent and accommodating in organizing these trails, notifying everyone of the time, meeting place, and jersey color to be used for that day.

CHB Storms Laoag CityObviously, competition is not the objective of the group as most of the members are in their golden years. What’s more important is the camaraderie being fostered among them, and the opportunity to flex and exercise their maturing bodies.

The CHB is inviting everyone who is interested in the sport. Permanent meeting place has been set at the Laoag City Hall frontage every Saturday morning at 6:oo o’clock. Looking at the picture, does CHB stand for City Hall Bikers? To the members, it stands for City Handsome Bikers or Company of Handsome Bikers. Now, don’t you want to be a member of CHB?