LAOAG CITY, May 13–A concerned citizen spotted a girl wandering off Padsan river bank here a few days ago. Wet and pale, Aubrey (not her real name) spoke in Tagalog and claimed she jumped from the Gilbert Bridge to elude somebody who wanted to kill her. Sensing that she was apparently “drugged” for narrating contradicting allegations, the concerned citizen swiftly tapped the help of Bombo Laoag station manager Tony Casimiro and turned over to him the custody of the girl. On the way to the city DSWD office, Tony lost hold of the girl and run away from him. Before the full view of many people, Tony chased her on the road and caught the girl who tried to resist. The unusual scenario raised the eyebrows of many onlookers and kibitzers who recognized Tony, the popular Bombo radio executive. When he explained the incident, the broadcaster’s fans smiled and saluted Tony for doing a yeoman’s job for the troubled girl, who was believed to be a GRO (guest relations officer). To cut the story short, Aubrey was rescued from her ordeal and later reunited with her mother, who never thought that her daughter left home to work as GRO in Ilocos.(excel d.guiang)