We Must Always Be Alert and Ready to Face Typhoons–Legarda

As a country that is often visited by typhoons, the Philippines should now be ready and always alert whenever tropical cyclones, such as Pedring, arrive, Senator Loren Legarda today said.

“Tropical storms are not new to us. We have been experiencing these natural hazards for as long as anyone can remember. By now, every government agency and every citizen of this country should know what to do when we are expecting typhoons,” Legarda stressed.

The Chair of the Senate Committee on Climate Change explained that to reduce the adverse effects of typhoons, concerned agencies both from the national and local governments should release frequently updated advisories and ensure that areas expected to be affected are prepared–activate all forms of early warning systems, set up evacuation centers, evacuate families living in landslide-prone and flood-prone areas, and ensure that all canals and drainage systems are cleaned up.

Meanwhile, citizens should also be ready for disasters. They should monitor news reports and advisories from their barangays; stock up on food, potable water, kerosene, batteries, and first-aid supplies; stay indoors, especially when winds are strong and rains are heavy, but always be ready to evacuate when the need arises.

“Tropical storm Pedring entered the country two years after three successive tropical cyclones—Ondoy, Pepeng and Santi—inflicted damages to the nation, as if examining if we have sincerely learned our painful lessons from these disasters. That is why we must ensure that our disaster preparedness measures are always in place and our communities know what to do when natural hazards strike,” Legarda concluded.***

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