Vice President Jejomar C. Binay asked police officers to be strong against temptation and to remain committed to justice and integrity.

“You are empowered by law to enforce the law and you before anyone else, must remain faithful to it,” Binay said in a speech during the 13th Annual Convention of the Association of Chiefs of Police Convention.

“To betray the law, even in the name of its service, is to betray your profession, your oaths, and your countrymen,” he added.

Vice President Binay said that as the Chairman of the Inter Agency Council Against Trafficking, he had personally witnessed the hard work done by Filipino police forces. He also said that he has nothing but praise for their dedication and professionalism.

“We have worked hard to file cases against illegal recruiters and traffickers, and presented compelling evidence so that these criminals may feel the full grip of the law,” he said.

“In this urgent campaign, we would not have gained the progress we have if our police officers were less than thorough,” Binay added.

However, Binay said that lack of resources can sometimes breed a sense of frustration as policemen tackle their work. He cautioned police not to be lulled into viewing only the evidence that suits their theories.

“In wanting to bring the case to a speedy close, there will be the temptation to disregard the rights which are due everyone, even criminals,” Binay said.

“Angkop ang pagkakataong ito para talakayin hindi lamang ang mga kaukulang batas, kundi pati na rin ang katayuan at kahalagaan ng ating mga alagad ng batas, nang sa gayon ay matukoy natin ang dapat pang gawin upang higit na magampanan pa ninyo nang buong husay at tapang ang mga katungkulang ipinagkatiwala sa inyo ng ating lipunan,” he added.